Congenital heart diseases in kids can be treated without surgery: Doc

Mar 15, 2018

Mysuru: For every one thousand children, about six to seven will have congenital birth defects, said Dr C N Manjunath, Director of Jayadeva Research Centre. Every year children with congenital birth defect from across the country and also from countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East come to Jayadeva Hospital in Bengluru, he added.
In a conversation with TOI recently, Dr Manjunath said, “For every one thousand children that are born, about 6 to 7 will have congenital birth defects in the form of holes in the heart and blue baby syndrome. There are various reasons for congenital birth defect. To name a few it may be due to alcohol, taking drugs for convulsion, diabetes and viral infection during pregnancy.”
“Today technology has changed so much that 50% of the holes in the heart among children can be closed without an open heart surgery. In Jayadeva Hospital in Bengaluru, every year almost 500 such procedures are done. The other 50% of heart deceases require complex open heart surgeries which are the toughest to do. Adult heart surgery carries low risk but heart surgery in children below six months requires sophisticated infrastructure and competent paediatric cardiac surgeons” added Dr Manjunath.

He added that the cost of heart surgery for children below one year is almost twice that of a surgery for an adult. “While there are a 1,000 hospitals that conduct heart surgeries of adults, there are only about 12-15 hospitals in the country that can conduct heart surgeries of such children,” said dr Manjunath.

In the newly constructed Jayadeva Hospital in Mysuru, children below one year can be treated. But, if the want to undergo an open heart surgery they should go to Bengaluru. In a couple of months, the facility to conduct open heart surgeries for children below one year will be provided in Mysuru as well, he added.

Dr Upendra Shenoy, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon, chief of medical services, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru said “Congenital defects are being identified more and treated effectively.”