Citizens don’t want telecom towers in residential areas

Apr 16, 2018

MYSURU: The installation of mobile towers near schools, residential areas and hospitals is one of the biggest issues faced by the city residents.
They want the city corporation to ensure that mobile towers are either installed in commercial areas or in open spaces. However, the corporation authorities say that they have never issued permission for any mobile tower near schools and residential areas. They confirmed that it was against the rules to install telecom towers in these zones.

In 2016, the state urban development department had come out with draft guidelines for installation of telecom towers, but they are not followed in the city. The MCC and the district administration have allowed the service providers to set up telecom towers everywhere, including on houses, near schools and hospitals, some residents allege.

Dr Raghu, a physician, said when compared to other major cities in the state, mobile towers are being installed without any guidelines in Mysuru city. “We can see them in every nook and corner of the city. In a city like Bengaluru, residents don’t allow service providers to install towers in residential areas fearing health issues. But here these towers are installed on each and every building. Even near many schools and hospitals,” he said.

“There may not be any scientific record to show that mobile towers affect health. But it is always better to install them in commercial zones,” he said.

Even general public echo similar sentiments. According to Raghava Sharma, a resident of KR Mohalla, hundreds of telecom towers have been set up in residential areas across the city. “Majority of these towers are installed on residential buildings. House owners don’t bother about community health at all,” he said.

When contacted, T B Kumara Naik, deputy commissioner (Revenue), Mysuru City Corporation, said, “We have not given permission for any telecom tower . We are not collecting tax also. The state government had issued draft guidelines, but were withdrawn for revision,”