Central pollution agency official inspects Vidranyapuram Sewage Farm

Mar 23, 2018

 MYSURU: Acting on a complaint filed by former minister and BJP leader SA Ramdas on the alarming levels of air and water pollution in Southeast Mysuru, which is where the Vidranyapuram Sewage Farm is located, an official from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) visited the spot on Thursday to take stock of the situation on the ground.
Poornima BM, an environmental officer attached to the Central Pollution Control Board Directorate, Bengaluru, visited the solid waste management plant in Vidranyapuram. Poornima was accompanied by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) environment engineer Geetha on her visit. Poornima said that she would collect water samples, and the inspect the process of dumping waste at the dumpyard on Friday.

“Ramdas complained to CPCB, Delhi and the National Human Rights Commission of high pollution levels of water and air, which he said were inconveniencing public in Southeast Mysuru. People are susceptible to various health hazards owing to pollution. It has also been reported that waste is being dumped here without being segregated, and that groundwater has become contaminated because of unsystematic disposal of garbage,” Poornima told TOI.

“The directorate office in Bengaluru received instructions to inspect the site and submit a report on the situation,” she added.

In December, Ramdas launched a hunger strike opposing the disposal of mixed waste at the Vidranyapuram Sewage Farm, and written to NHRC and CPCB in New Delhi seeking intervention. On Thursday, Ramdas said that around seven lakh tonnes of waste were being dumped at the sewage farm.

On the other hand, the BJP leader warned of taking up what he called a ‘unique’ form of agitation if the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) failed to clear construction debris, and if it continued to ignore pile-up of trash and nettles at vacant sites.

“We won’t protest. We have decided to change our approach. We will take up cleaning of the vacant sites ourselves if the MCC does not do it. The MCC will then be bound to take up cleaning activities since they collect cess for it,” said Ramdas.

The former minister also warned that they would shift construction debris dumped carelessly by the sides of the road to the dumpyards themselves if the MCC failed to act.