Burglars loot a yoga centre in Mysuru

Jun 8, 2017

MYSURU: A desktop monitor and a laptop were burgled from a yoga centre frequented by learners from foreign countries in Lakshmipuramduring pre-dawn hours of Wednesday.

 Taking advantage of an unlocked house on the first floor the burglar(s) entered house from kitchen and then into a room from where the electronic devices from them. The laptop that was kept inside an almirah too was taken away using the key that was there near the locker.
Manu the proprietor has told police that two burglars had entered their house around 4 am and decamped as soon as few inmates woke up on hearing sound, said PM Siddaraju, inspector Lakshmipuram police station. Siddaraju said only a monitor and laptop is missing according to complaint.
Sources claimed a few foreigners were asleep in the home when the incident happened and their belongings too have been taken away but police recorddoesn’t substantiate it.