BSNL proposes to commission BSNL 4g Hotspot at 286 locations

Jun 13, 2017

Mysuru: BSNL Karnataka Circle which covers an area of 1.92 lakh sq mt of 30 revenue districts in Karnataka has proposed to commission BSNL 4g hotspot at 286 locations with 1806 access points during this year.

“During the last 3 years our achievement in providing basic landline in Karnataka circle is 2014/15-1,30420 lines, 2015/16-93102 and during 2016/17-95249 lines. As on date, total landlines is 1229813 with a market share of 55.75 percent. Over the years, Karnataka Telecom Circle also increased its broadband connections across the state. In 2014/15 there were 106828 connections, 2015/16 it was 909220 connections while in 2016/17, the number of connections rose to 924143. Achievement in providing High speed FTTH connection on optical fibre has increased in the last three years from 3884 during 2014/15 to 18598 high speed intemet connections during 2016-17. The Market share of mobile connection as on March 2017 in Karnataka is 13.95 percent with total connections of 69.76 lakhs”, Jayaram, Principle General Manager, Mysuru District Telecom.

Karnataka Circle has commissioned Wi-Fi Hotspots at 343 locations with 685 access points. “Our target for 2017-18 in Wi-Fi is 3000 locations and 8000 access points. The data usage in mobile services in Karnataka Circle has increased by 196 percent in one year i.e., from 17 Terra bytes to 67 Terra bytes” said Jayaram.

“The financial achievement of BSNL Karnataka Circle is also on right track, the operating profit is increasing since the past 3 years. The operating profit which was Rs 155 Crore during 2014-15 has increased to Rs 413 Crore during the year 2015-16. The revenue for 2016-17 is Rs 2313.97 Crore compared to Rs 2275.58 Crore during 2015-16 with an increase of 1.69 percent”, added Jayaram.