Boy survives lightning strike in Mysuru

Oct 6, 2017


MYSURU: “All of us were running for cover when it started raining. But in a split second, everything changed. The people in front of me collapsed and I went blank,” said Madesh, a 12-year-old who survived the lightning strike that killed six people in Hunaswadi village on Thursday. Something of a hero in the village now, Madesh wants to join the Army.

In hospital, a dazed Madesh told TOI: “I don’t know what went wrong, how can something like this happen? I just felt a jolt in my body and fell.” Madesh, who had collapsed along with three others – Vishwanath, Ganesh and Praveen – were rushed to the nearby KR Hospital. It took the locals some time to realise they were alive and could be saved.

“I live with my mother and brother and we have two cows. Usually, my mother takes the cows for grazing every day . But since today was a school holiday due to Valmiki Jayanthi, I decided to take the cows for grazing and joined the others from the village,” said Madesh, a student of Class VI.

When they set out, Madesh recalls, the weather was pleasant. “Then at noon, it began to pour. Many of us were grazing the cattle and ran for shelter to a nearby temple. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise and we saw lightning. Some people fell on me and I do not know what happened next,” Madesh said.”Later, I was told that lightning had struck and killed six people, including my uncle Thimmegowda.” Madesh’s mother Susheelamma was working in a field nearby when lightning struck. “I was a kilometre away . I received a call from my cousin that my son was injured. I was worried and rushed to the temple. Luckily, he had escaped with injuries.”

Vishwanath, 17, a firstyear PU student, suffered internal injuries in both legs.”Usually, my father takes the cattle for grazing but as it was a holiday, I volunteered. As there was heavy rain, we took shelter in the nearby Doddathayamma temple. Due to lightning, those who were in temple fell on each other. I blanked out.”

Vishwanath’s father Lokesh said, “I had some work in Periyapatna and so I told my son to take the cattle for grazing. One of my friends called me and said my son had suffered injuries. When I rushed to the spot, one of the villagers was carrying my son. We then rushed him to the hospital”.