Blue whale awareness drive in Mysuru

Sep 11, 2017

MYSURU: With Mysuru also featuring in the top cities of the country where term Blue Whale has been searched on internet, Department of Public Instruction (DPI) officials and city schools have started awareness drive to ensure that children will not fall prey to this deadly game.

According to the Googletrends data for Saturday evening, in past seven days Mysuru has been ranked 26th among the Indian cities where the term Blue Whale was searched. As per the data related to past day, Mysuru has been ranked 32.

Speaking to Times of India, D Udayakumar, Block Education Officer (BEO), Mysuru North informed that he has shared the department’s action plan on creating awareness among the students on Blue Whale with all the schools. “On Monday we are having a meeting of all the head masters where issue will be discussed,” he said.

Meanwhile, several city schools have already started holding awareness events. Mysore Public School of the city had arranged one such event where three faculty including a psychology teachers spoke about this game.

Speaking to this newspaper, school principal Alaister LaPorte informed that one of the main objective of our programme was engaging our students in creating social awareness about this deadly game among one and all. “In my introductory speech I asked how many students are aware of this game. Most of the students raised their hands. Our students are fully aware of the affects of this game. But we requested them to keep an eye on those children who behave in an unusual way, who have cut marks in their body etc. We want our students to alert the elders if they found any students who are addicted to this game,” he said.

“Students between Std 7 and XII participated in this event,” he said.