Avoid drinking water stored in plastic bottles, MCC tells citizens

Mar 19, 2018

MYSURU: Against a backdrop of soaring mercury levels in the city, throats are running dry, and Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) is pulling all stops to ensure that public do not fall prey to consuming water stored in plastic bottles. The civic body has appealed to citizens not to drink water stored in plastic bottles exposed to heat, since the liquid can turn toxic and turn into a health hazard.
Having already initiated drives to seize plastic bags at godowns, MCC is now advising hoteliers against using plastic containers to prepare food. They have now turned their attention to raise awareness about the perils of consuming water stored in plastic bottles.

Officials of the civic body have taken to social media platforms to spread the word among the public.

MCC commissioner G Jagadeesha pointed out that there were twin benefits to avoiding plastic water bottles – it was healthier, and eco-friendly.

‘We have requested public not to use plastic bottles to store drinking water since it releases dangerous chemicals, which are toxic to the body,” Jagadeesha told TOI.

The MCC chief further added that, nearly 20% of the 402 tonnes of waste produced in the city daily was plastic. “Of which, 5% are plastic bottles,” Jagadeehsa said.

“I believe in practicing what one preaches, and so, MCC has now stopped using plastic water bottles during its meetings and functions, and has switched to paper cups and glass. Water will be procured in huge cans for the office, and the staff have been directed to use glass bottles,” he added.

Meanwhile, MCC authorities have also urged residents to use water judiciously to prevent water levels in KRS and Kabini reservoirs from plummeting, which would result in the city facing a water crisis before the monsoon.