An initiative to bring donors and needy poor families under single roof

Sep 14, 2017

 CHIKKAMAGALURU: District police and Credence Helping Hand, a voluntary organisation run by seven youths have launched an initiative in the city to bring donors and needy poor families under single roof. Under this initiative called as Helping Wall, city residents can keep the second-hand items which are in usable condition in a shop set up inside the old police station building of the MG Road of the city. Needy can come and pick the items they need. From clothes to, blankets, pen, pencil, utensils, books, food items, medicines people are allowed to keep items of general use in this shop.

Speaking to Times of India, Virendra Singh Rathore of Credence Helping Hand informed that public support for this project is very good from day one. “The very concept is new to the people. So, everyone happy to donate. People are donating many items. We have appointed a youth to coordinate,” he said.

“All of us wanted to start this project two years ago. But due to several reasons, we could not able to implement it till now. One of the reasons was we were all busy in our own professions, responsibilities etc. But recently when we spoke about this project with SP K Annamalai, he encouraged us to launch the project immediately. He offered space in the old police station building. Now it has become functional,’ he said.

“People are donating all kinds of items. There are many needy too. If no one comes to collect the items collected in the day time, we only visit the houses of poor people in the evening and donate them,” he said.

“Our next plan include providing food for stray animals, city beautification drive etc,’ he said.

SP K Annamalai informed that, the concept of charity is slowly vanishing among many of our younger generation and some of them are living in an isolated world. “When these youths approached me showing interest to serve society, this concept of Helping Wall was evolved. We want to make the donation more convenient. many times, people want to donate; but don’t know where to donate, he said.

“Down the line after few years, these kind of charity works destroy the concept like one is rich and another is poor. It makes us to respect one and all. This is the very idea behind launching this Helping Hand,” he said.