‘Ambedkar gave women the rights enjoyed by those in developed countries’

Apr 17, 2018

MYSURU: Highlighting the role essayed by BR Ambedkar in emancipating women in India, member of the University Grants Commission Sushma Yadav on Monday said, “It was Ambedkar who gave women in India the rights that their counterparts in developed countries enjoyed.”

Sushma, who was at a national-level seminar organised as part of Ambedkar’s 127th birth anniversary on ‘Equality and social justice in the era of globalisation’ organised by the Centre for Information Science and Technology in collaboration with the Equality Institute for Thought and Action (EITA), said, “His many achievements have resulted in Ambedkar’s popularity rising globally with each passing day.”

Pointing out that the Ambedkar Research Institutes at various universities were set up by the previous NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sushma said, “Earlier, Ambedkar was popular as the architect of the Indian Constitution, and providing reservation for marginalised communities. The previous NDA government set up the Ambedkar Research Institutes in various Indian varsities, which has seen in the public learning many other facets of his personality.”

Pointing to Ambedkar’s multifarious talents, Sushma said, “He was an intellectual par excellence, an economist, a social reformer and a true nationalist. He emphasisied social justice and called for the formation of an equal society.”

She said that, where Mahatma Gandhi faced trouble from foreigners, Ambedkar was discriminated by his own people. “Although Gandhiji and Ambedkar had ideological differences, the former entrusted the job of writing the Constitution to the latter,” Sushma said.