300 volunteers turn up to restore green cover near Chamundi Hills

Jul 3, 2017

MYSURU: In an effort to green the area surrounding Chamundi Hills, nearly 300 people from various organisations participated in the seedball planting event at the foot of the Chamundi Hills. A seedball is a mixture of clay, earth and seeds that is generally used to reforest areas.

The volunteers planted more than 65,000 seedballs at the event, which was organised by Clean Mysuru Foundation. The ‘Green Chamundi Abhiyana’ is an initiative undertaken by the organisation to restore green cover to the area around one of Mysuru’s most famous landmarks. “We planned the Green Chamundi Abhiyana to create a green canopy around the hills. We have been planting medicinal plants, shrubs, fruit-bearing trees among other varieties. This will help provide shelter to many small animals and birds. This will also help increase the fertility of the soil around Chamundi Hills. It will also help combat climate change,” Madhukeshwar, secretary of Clean Mysuru Foundation told TOI.

The activity started as early as 6.30am on Sunday. “All participants reported at Daivivana. We formed ourselves into seven teams of 15 to 20 members. Each team was headed by a forest department official, who went inside the forest to plant and bombs the seedballs. The initiative gave the citizens a great opportunity to enter the protected areas within the Chamundi Hills,” added Madhukeshwar.

The volunteers planted custard apple, tamarind, gooseberry, banyan, peepul, bamboo, mathi among other saplings. Clean Mysuru Foundation launched the first phase of the seedball planting operation at Daivivana on June 5 – World Environment Day.